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Korg's KAOSSILATOR Portable Touch-Screen Synth

Attention all music producers, DJ's, performers, aspiring electronic composers, or anyone who wants to have fun and make music while they're doing it. Korg's new KAOSSILATOR is the sequel to their successful KAOSS PAD MINI, and features a new, different set of drum sounds and synths to play with.

While the KAOSS PAD MINI focused mainly on inputting and altering sound, the KAOSSILATOR focuses on a lush array of exotic synth and drum sounds - all at the touch of your finger. It also features sound effects, and allows you to choose a musical scale within which its notes will be confined. This can be very handy onstage, if you want to blow the minds of your fans.

Why Is This An Amazing Product?

  • Battery Powered and very small - attach to your guitar, keyboard, or bass for easy access to mind-bending synth solos!
  • Strap hookup attachments
  • Choose from 31 different scales, including chromatic, diminished, as well as major and minor blues and pentatonic scales.
  • Gate Arpeggiator lets you produce specific patterns of notes in sync with the user specified tempo
  • Loop Recording allows you to record a phrase with a specified number of beats (maximum 8 beats = 2 measures), and play it back endlessly.

Who Is This An Amazing Tech Product For?

  • DJ's
  • Electronic Musicians
  • Composers
  • Anyone who wants to make music in a fun, innovative way!


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Product informaton goes here. It has a really great feature set and a very comprehensive warranty considering it only costs $19.99.


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